Shower Enclosures

Sleek designs meet functional creations

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.

Adding a glass shower shouldn’t be a hassle.

Ontario Glass Showers understands the importance of building modern areas that elevate your room and add a touch of class to your daily routine.

Providing expert glass shower installations

Our team installs high-quality glass showers quickly and efficiently, working with you to ensure your bathroom represents your unique style while allowing for optimal functionality. Each glass enclosure is customized to your needs, regardless of the space, size, or design specifications.

We collaborate closely with our customers to design the glass enclosure and only use the best materials and techniques. Our team has experience with a wide variety of glass shower installs using only the best, most durable materials.

Shower options include:

Frameless Glass Showers

Stylish and practical, frameless glass showers are a popular choice for modern areas – especially if you’re looking to conserve space. Not only do these options create a sleek look, frameless showers are highly functional.

Corner Glass Showers

This is another great option when trying to optimize space. By installing your glass shower in a corner, you’ll be able to maximize floor area while building a stylish, open design. Corner showers add a touch of flair to contemporary bathrooms by creating a spacious feel. These glass enclosures can be customized to fit any corner space.

Walk-in Doorless Glass Showers

Walk-in showers are sleek, modern, and easily accessible, making it safer for those who may otherwise struggle getting in and out of the shower. With an open entrance and no door, a walk-in glass enclosure is simple to get in and out of, easily customizable to match any style, and are simple to clean and maintain compared to traditional showers.

And many more

Ontario Glass Showers installs a long list of different types and styles of glass showers, working with you to find the right fit for your space.

Glass Options Include:

Clear Glass

One of our most popular options, clear glass brightens up each space by allowing natural light to filter through. Not only is this glass type affordable and easy to maintain, it also creates an open feel along with a classic look.

Textured Glass

This type of material provides privacy while adding an elegant touch to any space. The decorative glass comes in a variety of patterns that add both functionality and style to your bathroom. A textured glass shower acts as a focal point while covering any watermarks or stains and resists scratching and scuffing, making this a durable, low maintenance choice.

Rain Glass

This is a popular choice for customers looking to build creative, unique aesthetics. Rain glass is also a textured glass that looks like raindrops on a window. It has all the benefits of textured glass with the added touch of a decorative and distinctive pattern.

Tinted Glass

Another excellent privacy option, this glass is infused with colour when it’s manufactured, creating a contemporary look that, while tinted, still allows natural light to shine through, creating a unique, bright feel.

Finding the right style for your space — Step by step

If you’re adding a wall in your home, remodeling the bathroom, or building a full divider in your commercial space, Ontario Glass Showers works with our customers every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect when starting the process:

Step 1: The Consultation

We visit your space and talk about your needs, style preferences and dimensions. At this stage, we’ll provide a variety of options and take you through your choices.

Step 2: Measurement

Our experienced team will carefully measure your space to ensure proper installation. We’ll prepare all necessary materials.

Step 3: Installation

We have years of experience installing a wide range of glass projects. Our team will safely install your glass, ensuring that each element matches your specifications.

Step 4: Final inspection

We’ll carefully inspect the final product, ensuring the glass partition meets your expectations and our high standards.

Let’s build your space together